Tonopah-Divide Chlorargyrite
Nye County, Nevada

I am very fortunate to be able to offer the finest lot of Tonopah Chlorargyrites I have ever owned!  These rare Silver ore specimens were collected from the Falcon Pit, Tonopah-Divide mine about 15 years ago, by a lucky geologist who stumbled across a boulder of old ore in the pit.  Believe me, there is nothing of this sort
that can be collected from there now.  
So, enjoy these specimens while they last!


Chlorargyrite #1

A 22x11x5mm matrix with a 5x2mm leaf of Chlorargyrite near the center of the front side. A few bits of blue Chrysocolla are also present- $10

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Chlorargyrite #2

A 23x22x8mm matrix with a 15x5mm leaf of Chlorargyrite on the front and center, along with more on the back side.  Some blue Chrysocolla is also present-  $25

Chlorargyrite #3

A 23x15x13mm matrix with 3, 5mm patches of Chlorargyrite on the front side-

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Chlorargyrite #4

A 20x13x7mm matrix with sheets of Chlorargyrite up to 10x5mm at the top and bottom of the piece!  $30
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Chlorargyrite #5

A complex,
13x8x1mm leaf of waxy, translucent Chlorargyrite- $40

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Chlorargyrite #6

A translucent, 12x10x0.5mm leaf of crystalline Chlorargyrite- $40
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Chlorargyrite #7

A translucent, 22x7x0.5mm leaf of Chlorargyrite with bits of attached host rock matrix- $50
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Chlorargyrite #8

A 40x28x10mm matrix with several, semi-lustrous Chlorargyrite sheets to 9x5mm  $60
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Chlorargyrite #9

A 35x32x9mm matrix with nebulous sheets of waxy-gray-brown Chlorargyrite over 1cm-  $70
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Chlorargyrite #10

A 40x24x23mm matrix with several, semi-lustrous sheets of waxy-gray-brown Chlorargyrite over 1cm, with more on the sides and bottom- $80
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Chlorargyrite #11

A 21x14x7mm matrix with lustrous, waxy-gray-brown Chlorargyrite sheets and crystals on one side- $80
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Chlorargyrite #12


A 39x30x15mm matrix with a 20x10x5mm olive-green, Quartz druse-lined vug, with a lustrous, 2mm group of fine Chlorargyrite crystals!  $90

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Chlorargyrite #13

A 25x8x1mm leaf of pure, waxy-gray-brown Chlorargyrite with excellent translucency- $100
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Chlorargyrite #14

A 33x20x9mm mass of Chlorargyrite and bits of host rock.  The heft of the silver content is apparent in this piece, which otherwise is quite possibly THE UGLIEST specimen I have ever posted on my web site!  But, aesthetics aren't everything.  The history of this specimen
sings harmonious volumes!  $100
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Chlorargyrite #15

A 34x14x12mm matrix with 2, 1cm leaves of Chlorargyrite 
mixed in with rich masses of blue Chrysocolla-

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Chlorargyrite #16

A 45x25x20mm matrix showing several areas of Chlorargyrite leaves next to blue Chrysocolla.  The largest Chlorargyrite leaf measure 18x8mm!  $125
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Chlorargyrite #17

A 22x19x10mm matrix with a 22x10mm Quartz druse-lined vug containing several flattened, lustrous Chlorargyrite crystals over 1mm!  $125
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Chlorargyrite #18

A 30x23x12mm matrix. As I was trimming this piece, a chunk of rock was bent upwards, along with 2 leaves of Chlorargyrite that hold it together.  The largest leaf is 15x12mm.  Very cool!  $125
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Chlorargyrite #19

A 25x14x13mm matrix with an excellent, freestanding, stacked group of lustrous Chlorargyrite crystals measuring 10x8mm!  $130
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Chlorargyrite #20

A 54x28x14mm matrix loaded with many Chlorargyrite leaves on the surface to over 1cm and other Chlorargyrite leaf edges sticking out of the matrix abound!  This definitely qualifies as BONANZA GRADE ORE!   $130
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Chlorargyrite #21

An attractive, 60x33x25mm matrix with blue Chrysocolla surrounding at least 2 leaves of Chlorargyrite of about 1cm.  There is more blue than the camera can show.    $140
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Chlorargyrite #22

A 55x25x22mm matrix with
2 good patches of Chlorargyrite, one as a 15x9mm group of lustrous 1mm crystals on the front side and the other as a 1cm+ leaf on the right side.  There is also some nice blue Chrysocolla!  $150
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Chlorargyrite #23

A 43x42x12mm matrix with a great, 30x22mm, green leaf of Chlorargyrite on matrix!   $150
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Chlorargyrite #24


A 22x18x4mm matrix loaded to the gills with LOTS of big Chlorargyrite sheets up to 2cm wide!  Lightly stabilized- $150

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Chlorargyrite #25

A 55x30x25mm matrix with a big, flattened Quartz-drused vug showing an excellent 6x4mm patch of lustrous, 1mm Chlorargyrite crystals!   $160

Chlorargyrite #26

A 42x28x16mm matrix with an excellent and large, 33x22mm sheet of Chlorargyrite growing next to nice,
blue Chrysocolla, with more Chlorargyrite on the backside-   $175
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Chlorargyrite #27

A 28x20mm leaf of translucent Chlorargyrite with a 4mm thick piece of red matrix and 2 blocky crystals of etched Acanthite(?) attached.  A very attractive Thumbnail specimen!  $200
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Chlorargyrite #28

A excellent, sturdy, 35x30mm leaf of blackened Chlorargyrite, with a 9mm-thick piece of matrix attached to the back!  $250      Order Here

Chlorargyrite #29

A large, 90x50x30mm matrix highlighted by a 45x40mm patch of glossy Chlorargyrite!  More Chlorargyrite occurs lower down on the front side.  A true museum specimen!   $275

Chlorargyrite #30

A 55x38x27mm matrix with a SUPERB, 40x25x1.5mm sheet of glossy, translucent Chlorargyrite!  More Chlorargyrite can be seen elsewhere on the matrix   WOW!!!    $300
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