Round Mountain Golds over $1000

Round Mountain Gold #124
(4.20 Grams)

A unique, 31x21x15mm cluster of bright, crystallized Gold leaves showing a head with two pointy Gold crystal eyes and 4 leafy, crystallized arms.  Flying Spaghetti Monster, anyone?     $1,000
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Round Mountain Gold #125
(10.07 Grams)

A hefty and showy, 33x16x11mm flattened Gold octahedron, with LOTS of defined, 3-7mm, hoppered gold crystals on the front edges and back side!!!

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Round Mountain Gold #126
(9.05 Grams)

A beautifully colored, 32x26x8mm Gold leaf showing a series of large flattened octahedrons with an amazing 10x10 x1mm SEE-THRU octahedron at the top!!!  Lustrous crystal forms can be seen on the reverse.  Lots to see here!   $1,500
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Round Mountain Gold #127      (9.85 Grams)

An unusually large and weighty, 32x28x9mm mass of
flattened herringbone Spinel twinned Gold leaves-    $1,700       
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Round Mountain Gold #128      (12.54 Grams)

A SUPERB, 27x24x12mm mass of many mirror-lustrous Gold crystals averaging 1-2mm across, heavily encrusting Gold leaves.  This is one of the brightest and most sparkling specimens in the entire lot, which made it difficult to properly photograph.   The piece looks a lot better in person!          $2,000           Order Here

Round Mountain Gold #130      

(8.75 Grams)

A Superbly crystallized, 31x22x6mm Gold leaf with exceptional, 3-D, hoppered Gold crystals to 6x6x5mm lining the left edge!  
Very showy!


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Round Mountain Gold #132     (8.23 Grams)

 A brilliantly lustrous, 52x23x5mm Gold leaf showing aesthetic chains of flattened, sparkling octahedrons, particularly near the top, with individual crystals to 5mm.  This piece is reminiscent of a very nice Eagle's Nest specimen-        $2,300             Order Here

Round Mountain Gold #134     (16.02 Grams)

 A very lustrous, 34x21x12mm Gold leaf mass laden with lustrous Gold crystals!  The more prominent crystals gather at the top edge of the outside leaf, creating an amazing crown of 2-3mm octahedrons and other isometric forms.  Gold crystals abound on this piece with flattened to nearly full octahedrons up to 4mm elsewhere.   This specimen is truly awesome!-    $2,800      Order Here

Round Mountain Gold #135     (23.14 Grams)

 My biggest piece at just under an ounce!   A sturdy, naturally-crinkled, 61x30x12mm, lustrous Gold leaf with aesthetic folds and crystallization.  A SUPERB, hand-picked piece worthy of an important collection!-   
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