Current Mount St. Helens Eruption Information

1 Oct 04 noon-time eruption!   Mount St. Helens re-awakens!! Johnston Ridge Observatory

These pictures courtesy of the     U.S. Geological Survey     
More eruptions are expected!
Courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service Johnston Ridge Observatory Live Volcano- Cam come these pix: 2 Oct 04, 09:44am, an uncertain day begins in the smoke-filled crater

12:59pm, a small steam eruption starts a new trend of activity.

A Volcano Alert (Level 3) has been issued at 2:00pm, 2 Oct 04

03:54pm, Magma is moving upwards and a larger eruption is becoming more possible!  The Observatory has been evacuated and this Live Cam is now the closest live, public view of the smoldering volcano!

5 Oct 04, 9:24am

Thar She Blows!  

9:39am, The eruption builds!  This plume is the first recent eruption big enough to be seen by Dopler Radar!

10:24am, Ash traveled 70 miles downwind and lightly dusted a few small towns to the NNE. 

I have always held a keen geological interest and personal fascination with volcanic eruptions, especially those from Mount St. Helens.  Currently, this volcano is in its most active period since the mid 1980's!  With these exciting times among us, I have posted a link to the great live cam image of the crater and another to current information on this active volcanic cycle, courtesy of the US Forest Service and US Geological Survey.  No damaging eruptions are anticipated and the volcano has settled back down to Level 2 Advisory Status.  In the days and months ahead, magma might again start moving in the volcano's chamber and more visually-dramatic ash-plume eruptions can still happen in the future.  What a great time we live in to be able to see such geologic events unfold live on the internet!



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