I am helping to distribute the long-awaited book, "Minerals of Nevada", so wonderfully published by the University of Nevada Press.  It is the culmination of many years work by many well-known co-authors (including me!). The book is a good coffee table piece; 512 pages, 7"x10" format, HARD BOUND, with 102 color pictures of SUPERB Nevada minerals many of which have been professionally shot by Jeff Scovil and Sugar White, and are never before published! There is also an exhaustive, unpublished locality and species database (~850 species!) and specimen-locality papers that will quickly make this book the "Bible" for Nevada mineral enthusiasts and field collectors!  My Internet price is $70 + shipping (Listed price is $75 + shipping) for a personally signed copy. I hope you will take advantage of this historic publication that shows why Nevada is truly one of the great specimen-producing states in the U.S.!

On-hand copies ready for immediate delivery!


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