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Nevada Locality Minerals for Sale-

 (9) Stibnite with Barite Combos;  Murray Mine, Elko Co., NV                                                         (TN-Min, $30-$175)  *NEW*
(15) Cuprite-on-Copper; Rio Tinto, Mountain City District, Elko County,
                                Nevada (TN-Smcab, $20-$200)    
 (30) Chlorargyrites; Falcon Pit, Tonopah-Divide Mine, Nye Co., NV
(MM-Smcab, $10-$300)   *NEW*
 (135) Superb Crystallized Gold; Round Mountain Mine, Nye Co., NV
(MM-Smcab, $12-$3,200) *NEW*
 (11) Lone Tree Mine, Nevada Pyrites (TN-Min, $25-$200)   

 (3) Carlin Trend Minerals PageWhitlockite and Variscite (Min, $80) 
                                                          Hewettite Vug (Min, $125)   
                                                          Emerald-Green Variscite (SOLD)

                                                          Wavellite (Cab, $150)

(4) Meikle Mine Barites; Lynn District, Carlin, Elko County., Nevada              (Min-Smcab, $30-$450)
 (4) Meikle Mine Millerites on Pyrite; Carlin Trend, Elko County, NV                                                              (TN-Min, $60-$200)               
 (28) Type Locality Getchellite CRYSTALS; South Pit, Getchell Mine,                       Humboldt County, Nevada (TN-Min, $35-$160)
 (0) Nest Gold on Matrix; Olinghouse Mine, Washoe Co., NV                                                  
(0) Nevadaite ;  Type Locality!  Gold Quarry Pit, Carlin Trend, NV      
 (11) Stibnite;  Murray Mine, Independence Mountains, Elko Co., NV                          (Min-Cab, $15-$200)  


United States Locality Minerals for Sale-

 (1) Facted Benitoite; Gem Mine, San Benito County, California  ----                                      (0.65ct, $650)                  
 (106) Fresnoites from my 1998 dig; Junnila Property, San Benito County,                                                    California (TN-Cab, $20-$5,000)  
 (5) Superb Lorandite and Gillulyite; Mercur Mine, Toole County, Utah                                                              (TN-Min- $50-$950)  


World Locality Minerals for Sale-

(0) Gold-Coated Platinum Crystals; Kondyor Massif, Russia                                                                (7-9mm, $225-$260)

 Page 1    * Multi Japan-Law Twin Quartz, Peru (Smcab, $700) SOLD
* Pink Apophyllite, Zacatacas, Mexico (Min, $350) 
 * Wire Silver, Batopilas, Mexico (Min, $150) *SOLD*
* Nagyagite, Nagyag, Romania (TN, $450) *SOLD*
                   Azurite with Malachite, Morocco (Min, $375) SOLD
                   Aquamarine, Gilgit, Pakistan (Min, $250) *SOLD*
Aquamarine, Minas Gerais, Brazil (Smcab, $500) SOLD
                   * Malachite Stalactite, Guang Dong, China (Cab, $325)

* Orpiment,
Elbrusskiy Mine, Russia (Smcab, $450)

 Page 2     Spessartine with Muscovite, China (SmCab, $300)
Spessartine on Feldspar, China (SmCab, $350) *SOLD*
Spessartine on Quartz, China (Cab, $400) *SOLD*

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