Great Basin Minerals Show Archive Page

I have been setting up at major U.S. mineral shows for over 12 years now, totaling more than 50 so far.  Here, for your enjoyment are pix from some of my more recent mineral-show adventures:

Spring Denver Show, 2000

September Denver Show, 2002

Tucson, Inn Suites, Feb 2003

Costa Mesa Show, Los Angeles, May 2003

September Denver Show, 2003

Tucson, Inn Suites, Feb 2004

Spring Denver Show, 2004

 Costa Mesa Show, Los Angeles, May 2004

September Denver Show, 2004  

Tucson, Inn Suites, Feb 2005 

Spring Denver Show, Apr 2005  

Geological Society of Nevada Symposium
May 2005

Tucson Show, 2008

AMT Tucson Display, 2008 

Spring Denver Show and Collecting Report, 2009

Costa Mesa Show 2009

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