Tucson 2005-  The Faces Behind the Rocks

One thing can be said about being a mineral dealer for the full 3-weeks at the heart of the largest hotel in the Tucson show each year-  By the end of it you feel like you just ran an Adventure Race!  Though physically and mentally exhausting, these 21 days are the highlight of my spiritual year.  As with most dealers, I see 90% of my friends only a few times a year, mainly at this show.  

I certainly look back on these times often and laugh, thinking about all the highs and lows.  It's like living a full years-worth of emotions in less than a month.  As with every year, like many of my other dealer-friends, I felt a tremendous amount of growth and experience gained from this time.  This year, I grew into a full room, bought all of my display cases, and had 2 FULL cases of fine Nevada mineral specimens!  I had never set up 3 full cases of minerals before, so the challenge was on!

The Inn Suites show is growing fast, now with 2 wings of second-floor dealers and a long waiting list for choice first-floor rooms.  This year was the busiest I have yet seen!  The Inn Suites show is definitely becoming a Tucson landmark for world-wide mineral enthusiasts!  Parking is still the best I have ever seen for a mineral show.  The 4-acre lot on the north side of the hotel has abundant space.  

So, without further delay, here is a pictorial testimate to this year's Inn Suites show for my neighbors and I- 

The beautiful Inn Suites courtyard
A packed ad board for a busy show.  
Yes, my flier is top-center!

My Set Up-

Just got in- 23 Jan 05
The cases come in next

Time to dive in and clean 600 square feet of glass
Almost done!

Here's my world case on the one side of the room
Working on my 2 Nevada Bonanza cases on the other side

My room was set up and open on Saturday, January 29th

My finished showroom, IS #169

My well-lit window display.  It works nicely to promote room sales well after dark.
It was a BUSY show this year!

My 2 cases full of fine Nevada mineral specimens from many diverse localities.  Here's Another Pic
My world case.  Here's Another Pic

As mentioned in the latest Mineralogical Record (China Issue)
My proud case of SUPERB Meikle barites

 Fine Faceted Amethysts from Peterson Mountain, Nevada
Terminated Murray Stibnites to 15cm
Sugarcube (Quartz-coated) barites from the Murray Mine, Nevada  

 Longtime friends John and Claudia Watson kindly gave me this hilarious bottle of wine-  "Tucson's Original Zin"
A superb, 1.5 POUND crystallized silver from Austin, Nevada (1880's)
 My friend Yue (Yue's Minerals), working in her room next door, IS #168

John Cornish just getting in-

My friend Kevin Dixon, Alpine Minerals, #173, and his Rockin' display!

My friend Scott Wallace, IS #173, Majestic Minerals

My friends Hershel and Charley Ward (C.B., Fluorescent Minerals, IS #188).

Yes, Hershel is a bit camera shy, but I finally got him!

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