Tucson Show, Feb 2003, Inn Suites, #169

This was my first year at the Inn Suites for the Tucson show. Rob Lavinsky and I were sharing a room, set in the beautiful and tranquil courtyard of this majestic hotel.  I have to say that this is a heck of a lot better view than what I had at the Executive Inn!! Also, Parking is *MUCH* better here.
Having these views and being right next door to Brian Lees of Collector's Edge and Stuart Wilensky Fine Minerals, I felt like I was in paradise!  If you have never been to the Inn Suites, I highly recommend it!  
My friend Patrick, from the room next door.
The entrance to our room
My main display case, full of all sorts of mineralogical treasures!
Here are some shelves of very fine Bisbee aurichalcites, fine Russian orpiments and superb Virgin Valley (Nevada) fire opals!
Fine specimens of Olinghouse gold, California golds, a stunning Chinese azurite, Cave-in-Rock strontianite spray, Chinese spessartine-on-quartz-crystals, Paki aqua scepter, and more!
A truly exceptional triple Japan-Law twin quartz small cabinet specimen from Peru, along side one of the finest small cabinet specimens of Moroccan vanadinite I have ever seen!
Superb cabinet specimens of Meikle mine barite!
A stunning array of intense fire opals from the world-famous Rainbow Ridge opal mine in Virgin Valley, Nevada.

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