Spring Denver Show, April 23rd-25th, 2004


After the 1,100 mile drive to Denver in mixed weather, I checked into my Holiday Inn room (#124) and began unpacking.  I have many great specimens for this show and the case should be spectacular!
I displayed many specimens, including: Superb Challis Idaho Heulandites, Chinese Spessartines, Murray Mine Nevada Stibnites, Meikle Barites, Russian Orpiments, Virgin Valley Nevada Fire Opals, Olinghouse Golds, Eagles Nest Golds, to name a few!
Being I was alone in my room this show, I had to take my own picture, SAY CHEESE!
It is a Mineral Dealer's fact that the typical 6'x6' glass case contains over 180 square feet of glass surfaces that must be cleaned to a high finish. With that completed and the light rack and lights assembled, it was time to start filling it with beautiful specimens!
With the snap of my digital fingers, the 6-hour job of filling and tuning the diplay just so is completed. During the show I received many excited and positive compliments for the beauty and variety of my display.
New superb Meikle Mine barites from the recently-discovered "Rust Bucket" pocket on the 1375' Level of this mine. The color, display and luster of these specimens are WORLD CLASS!
My precious metals shelf offered Gold and Platinum-group elements from many localities, including- Eagles Nest, CA; Olinghouse, NV; Round Mountain, NV; Bullfrog, NV; Gold in Scarn from Ecuador, Gold-coated Platinum crystals from Russian, and superb Type-Locality "Rheniites" from Russia. The next shelf down displayed a number of superb heulandites from Challis, Idaho!
A super-fine, 20+cm terminated, barite studded Murray Mine, Nevada stibnite was one of the highlights of my mixed top shelf. Also included is a world-class 12g+ skeletal gold crystal from Nevada, Superb Colorado Goethites, fine stalactites of malachite from China, a matrix sixling chrysoberyl from Brazil, Mixed gem crystals from Pakistan and Brazil, A fine Chinese orpiment cab, and gemmy diopside from China.

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