Spring Denver Show, 2000

This is one of the first shows I have digital images from; humble beginnings for Great Basin Minerals!
A somewhat sparse, yet beautiful display of minerals, including Himalaya mine tourmalines, Elmwood fluorites and calcites, Meikle barites, Twin Creeks orpiments, and a fabulous, vintage Blackbird mine (Idaho) stock certificate and a fine Blackbird ludlamite smcab with a handwritten Fred Pough label!!
Yes, I still have that dealer's badge!
Back when fine cabinet specimens of 1075' level Meikle mine gemmy barites were still available. Not any more!!
Getchell realgars, Junnila fresnoites, Moroccan azurites, Canadian manganites, Dee mine barites and a MONSTER, 20cm Elmwood fluorite cube on matrix!
This was a memorable and unique collector's set, as the Blackbird stock cert was one of the only known from this Idaho mine, accompanying the fine ludlamite smcab with Fred's label!
A Chinese malachite "mouth", along with Colorado Quartz mine golds, a Zaire libethenite, and Sapo mine (Brazil) blue-cap tourmalines

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