September Denver Show, 2002

My main display case, with many fine and colorful specimens. This was back before I had solux halogen lighting, so the lights had to go inside the case, for proper specimen illumination.
A valued customer and friend looking at fine Meikle mine barites.
The big winner for this show was the display of the world's finest lorandite crystals, from Mercur, Utah. Many crystals exceeded an amazing 2cm!! This offering was prominently mentioned in the "What's New at Denver" in the Mineralogical Record. Also displayed were several fine, crystallized golds and Batopilas silvers.
A close-up of the "Scotty Dog" gold from the Colorado Quartz Mine, California. Behind it was "The Unicorn" gold, from the same mine. It was a GREAT display!
The top shelf display of fine Moroccan vanadinites, A 15cm Himalaya mine tourmaline, Sweet Home mine rhodochrosite on quartz crystals, A gemmy Zacatacas azurite, A cabinet specimen of Kelly mine smithsonite, among others!
Ah, yes... Superb Meikle mine barites sharing their warm, golden glow!
Two, doubly-terminated barites on matrix. How's that for a Meikle mine barite cabinet specimen!
A friend from San Francisco went home with this beautiful cabinet piece!
A superb Elmwood mine cabinet specimen etched fluorite, from the Walt Gaylord collection (and my collection), which sold at this show.
Chinese pyromorphites purchased during my trip in China, along side fine Twin Creeks mine (Nevada) orpiments. The bottom shelf displayed one of the largest pieces (30cm!) of optical-quality ulexite in the world!


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