Geological Society of Nevada Symposium, May 2005
Nugget Casino, Sparks, Nevada

This year I attended the big Geological Society of Nevada Symposium.
 It was AMAZING how many people were there!

The entrance to the
2005 GSN symposium.
This event occurs once
every 5 years and
constitutes one of the
largest gatherings of economic/ore geologists in the United States.
Over 1,000 registered participants attended!

Many of the world's greatest gold mining companies exhibited maps
and diagrams of their latest
projects and discoveries

Here Ed Christiansen (Of Peterson Mountain scepter fame) and I pose for posterity
Forrest Cureton (Cureton Minerals), Marcus Johnston (Apex Minerals), Jean Cline (U of NV at Las Vegas), and Ed pose for a great shot!

The CGS girls next booth to me
were always fun to visit with

One of the finest-ever public displays of Nevada minerals greeted the participants of this symposium.  Many of Nevada's best collectors and  museums contributed.  I am proud to offer detailed pictures of this  historic display-

The "Minerals of Nevada" book case
Presented by the Mackay School of Mines "Keck" Mineral Museum
Click on pictures for
super-sized image

This was the first time I had ever
publicly displayed my personal
Nevada barite collection

Click on pictures for
super-sized image

My "Nevada Metallics" Case
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super-sized image

A superb, 20cm Murray Stibnite and Barite from Marcus Johnston's personal collection
WOW!!  Click on pictures for
super-sized image

Neil Prenn's Nevada Case
Click on pictures for
super-sized image

Alan Day
(Mineral Exploration Services) displayed a killer
Nevada gold case
Localities included Olinghouse, Round Mountain, Sleeper and many more!

Scott Werschky
(Miner's Lunchbox)
also displayed a nice gold case
I really like his very cool, pre 1900's, Olinghouse District candle box!


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