The Denver Show September, 2003, Holiday Inn

With a thousand-mile drive and many hours of set-up time, my room is ready to go!
Here I am "slaving away", keeping the books.
I proudly offered a number of superb Meikle mine barites, along with a colorful mix of red-orange Russian orpiments, candy-apple-green Chinese pyromorphites, Colorado fluorapatites and a host of other fine specimens.
The bottom shelf was lined with rare Getchell mine (Nevada) antique stock certificates *signed* by Getchell himself!
My pride and joy- SUPERB Meikle mine barites, with crystals to 15cm!!
Other specimen for sale included a stunning Fresnillo Pyrargyrite with 3cm-wide crystals(!), A Mercur Utah Orpiment, Carlin Trend rarities, Brazil brazilianites, A Chinese scheelite, Peruvian Japan-Law twins, Kelly New Mexico Smithsonite, A Virgin Valley Opal, Nevada golds and coppers... just to name a few!
The reality of being a mineral dealer- After 6 long days of a successful show,
it was time to tear down and drive another thousand miles home.

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