Costa Mesa 2009 Show and Trip Report-

For the 12th year running, I again traveled to Costa Mesa, California,
to set up and sell at the annual May show at the Holiday Inn-

On my way to Costa Mesa, I drove by the MASSIVE construction project for the new freeway bridge going in between Reno and Carson City on US395-

The Costa Mesa show-
Welcome to my showroom!

It was a good show this year, I was even able to get a few of my new Colorado Goethites clean enough to bring along-

My good friend Bill Stutz taking pictures of my display-

Here's a nice pic of Bill and I.  I'm holding the Petersen Mountain
Royal Flush Pocket "Orb and Scepter" specimens that I collected in 2007-

All the pretties!
Here is my display of some of the world's finest Fresnoite specimens, that I collected
back in 1998-

I shared the room with my good friends John and Lyn Kilian, of the Kilian Collection-
John and Lyn had many beautiful specimens; including superb Aquamarines, Heliodors, Tourmalines, Rhodochrosites, Azurites, Golds, Silvers and Coppers, not to mention two incredible GEM-RED Brazilian Rhodonite crystals!!!

Sunday night, Bill helped me tear down at the show, and then we drove 45 minutes to his house.  Just 2 hours after we got there, a 5.0 Earthquake hit near the hotel in Costa Mesa!  We still felt it, even 40 miles away!  I am sure glad that I was out of
there by then!   

Later that night, we spotted a big raccoon in Bill's HUGE backyard tree.  In an apparent evolutionary response, the critters of L.A. seemed to have developed headlights for eyes!
(either that, or it's possessed!)
Needless to say, we didn't
mess with it.


The next day, Bill and I did our traditional, yearly BBQ,
under his amazing tree-

We had so much fun today
that I had to take pictures of it all!
Here's the BBQ feast, about 15 pounds of pork babybacks and tenderloins, all rubbed down and ready to be smoked for 4+ hours-
One BBQ secret is to spray apple juice on the meat, to keep it moist
and to give a nice browning
effect on the outside-
The meat had to be turned
on occasion-
Smokin' away!
A drool-worthy moment!  The hardest thing about the slow process of smoking meat, is of course the waiting...  But, one must be patient, grasshopper!
Almost done!
A quick taste test! 
And the results are-
Mega YUMMY!!!

And we are ready to PORK out!!!
(well, we did have a few beef ribs, too!)

What an EPIC BBQ!

Thanks BILL!!!

After dinner, Bill, his wife Jackie,
and I, drove over to Universal Studios so we could all see the
on their amazing 60x80-Foot
Imax screen!  The theater was loaded with 12,000-Watts of digital sound!!!
We had a few hours before the movie started, so we played "tourist"-

Bill checking the sights out-
Bill and Jackie enjoying the evening.
Not even King Kong himself
could separate them!

We walked into one store that was entirely dedicated
to just one thing-

Jackie with an..., um,...well???  Whatever it was, I strongly suspect that it somehow
had to be edible, coming from this store!
Behind her is literally over a *TON*
(2,000+ Pounds) of M&M's!
They even had a statue of Marilyn Monroe made from over 340,000 jelly beans!!!
Even the security poles were filled with candy!

I'm ready to go see
the movie!  

And yes, it was

Star Trek Rules!

The next day I was on the road again, with a huge bag of BBQ in tow,
getting spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada mountains
most of the way home!

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