Tucson 2008 Show Report

The American Mineral Treasure display this year was epic!  I was honored to be asked to write the Twin Creeks Orpiment chapter for the book, so I also set up the chapter display case for the TGMS show at Tucson!  To top it all off, I also gave an FM talk on Twin Creeks!  I was able to get some great pix of the massive setup for this historic Tucson display-

The yellow tape around the cases indicated a high security area-
Only those setting up the AMT cases were allowed inside this tape, like me!

Twin Creeks orpiment has always been one of my all-time Nevada favorites!  I poured my heart and soul into the book chapter and case-

Bob Jackson was my Case neighbor-

He set up this amazing Denny Mountain, Washington case!

More awesome Denny Mountain "raspberry" quartz scepters!

Spruce at it's best!

The setup continues-
Tom Hannah setting up his amazing Prince-of-Whales Island (Alaska) epidotes!
Look at those arms and tell me that collecting on this remote Island isn't as tough as it gets!

Tom's centerpiece was this 25cm plate of monstrous, double-terminated epidotes combined with unusual calcites-

Bryan Lees was gracious enough to pause for a moment so I could get the perfect pic!  Look at those amazing Sweet Home rhodos!!!
It takes a steady hand to put these specimens, each worth about that of a big house, in to the show case!

The Cave-in-Rock case-

The Elk Creek Barite Case-

The Himalaya Tourmaline Case-

Awesome Southern California pegmatite minerals-

I was at the right place at the right time and I got to see my favorite case being assembled. BEHOLD, the amazing Tourmaline Queen
Bluecaps case!!!!

More awesome Southern California pegmatite specimens!

There were over 200 people in attendance during my Twin Creeks orpiment talk on Saturday, the 16th of February!

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