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In a continuing effort to bring quality service to fellow collectors, I have added this page to provide information about what my friends and customers have to say about the specimens/books they've acquired from my web site. These are completely unsolicited, factual responses- 

Denny Mountain Amethyst Scepter

I am proud to have the privilege to offer a high-quality Denny Mountain (King County, Washington) amethyst "Raspberry" sceptered quartz.  The piece is nearly a full miniature, measuring 4.6cm tall. It is clean, lustrous and well formed. This is a classic specimen and the new owner will be proud to have it!   

"Hi Scott, I received the package last week, and I wanted to let you know I was delighted with the scepter!  I have collected at this locality many times, but have not found a high quality scepter like this one.  Please let me know if you run across any more of this material.

Thanks for the easy transaction!"

J.K. from Washington, 30 Nov 03


"Enjoying the Nevada minerals book. My only (minor) complaint about it is that is that it follows the convention of most state indexes, in listing the minerals by mineral name rather than listing localities by county (my preference). But your chapter gives a good description of the most famous localities and helps to make up for that."

Kelly N. from Dallas, Texas, 1 Dec 03


"I received the Minerals of Nevada book a couple of days ago. I've
already read all the articles, and skimmed all the mineral locality info... Beautiful photos! You have some impressive specimens in your collection, especially the Majuba Hill clinoclase on cornubite!!!  I really like the fact that the book is geared toward the mineral collector. The articles have enough of the academic in them to satisfy those of us that have some background in geology, yet a collector can use the book to corroborate locality info, or even venture into the field in search of his own."

Hans S. from Bradford, Vermont, 1 Dec 03


"Scott; Received the Minerals of Nevada book yesterday. It was worth waiting the four years for. I sure wish they had something comparable to it for the state of Washington. I spent most of the day reading the gold locations and the mining and mineralogical history of Nevada. The enclosed map was a real surprise. Very well done. The pictures of the crystalline gold look very much like the gold of Liberty, WA. I noticed a lot of pictures of minerals were from your collection. I also read your 35 favorite collecting sites. Sounds like you have a bit of "hands on" experience."

Ken S. from Pasco, Washington, 1 Dec 03


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