Rose and Tourmalinated Quartz Dig,
Plumas County, California
October 24th-26th, 2008
Invited by my friend Scott Northouse, I traveled to this wonderfully-unusual pegmatite deposit, located on private property, near Frenchman's Lake-

24 Oct- We arrived in the late afternoon, quickly set up camp, hiked
to the spot, and started collecting!  Here, Scott's sons'
Daniel and Stephen help out-

Right next to a fabulous, 2-meter exposure of incredibly hard, massive
Rose Quartz, I discovered a pocket of clay and lustrous, tabular,
colorless Quartz crystals-

Unfortunately, the Quartz crystals in this particular pocket didn't have any Tourmaline inclusions-

A closeup of the Rose Quartz outcrop.  The color is TOPS!

25 Oct- The next morning we're right back at it.  Today, Scott's brother Jim drove up to join us in the fun collecting!

In this area, streaks of deeply colored Rose Quartz can be seen running through less deeply colored material.  I worked on this incredibly hard outcrop for 2 days to produce 2 buckets of good material-
A closeup of a fine Rose Quartz outcrop that I pounded on until my hands were bruised and blistered through heavy gloves!  I was able to free many large, deeply colored specimens!
My debris pile looked like it had pieces of frozen cotton candy
all through it!
Pink Fun!

Then Scott Northouse found this AMAZING 6cm long, double-terminated, mirror-lustrous, Tourmaline-included Quartz crystal!!!

26 Oct- Here I am helping Scott look for Tourmaline-Included Quartz crystals-
Even with a 20-pound sledge hammer and chisels, it was a sweaty and bloody process to work though this ultra-hard Quartz!

Here's Scott and Jim Northouse
showing off some goodies
from the trip!
Scott and Jim with Daniel
and Stephen-

One of my better pieces of
Rose Quartz from this dig.  It is hoped that after cutting and polishing the contents of my 2 buckets into spheres and cabs, that these Rose Quartz specimens will show pronounced asterisms (stars)!

The Fall colors were in full force with the Aspens in the area.  If you didn't know any better, you might think you were in Colorado!

Of all the Tourmalinated Quartz crystals we found, I discovered that these two DT's fit back together!  Scott was very generous and let me go home with this cluster!
They went together to form a 45x38x30mm floater cluster!


A 31x22x6mm, beautifully Tourmalinated Quartz crystal that also I got to go home with!


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