Axinite Pocket Discovery!
18 Nov 09

     Scott Northouse and I were once again exploring high and low in the foothills of California
looking for minerals.  Today we were extremely fortunate and found a great pocket!

A very mysterious morning in a very mysterious place!

 Scott Northouse and I looked at any rock exposures we could find, in these misty morning mountains-

 After we searched for a while, I was shocked when I spotted a *VIRGIN* pocket of large gemmy Axinite blades!  I have never found a pocket of, or collected a good specimen of Axinite before.  
That's all about to change!  Pictured below is the initial 1 inch (2.5cm) discovery crystal, with other Axinite crystals
showing in the pocket mud-

We dug in!!!  

Here's a nice 1 inch (2.5cm) Axinite crystal in the pocket-

And the same crystal after extraction-

 Scott's like WOW!!!
 Axinite is Cool!

 Then the pocket became really well defined for a little while and rapidly produced dozens of great Axinite crystals!
 The vein was lined with cruddy Axinites and the center was filled with gemmy Axinite blades and pocket clay!

Time to stop collecting and do some needed specimens wrapping!

And then, this gemmy jewel of a 3cm Axinite came out!

The piece, pictured above, after cleaning-
Another killer 3cm+
gemmy Axinite crystal!

The pocket progressed-
A 1.5 inch (4cm) Axinite crystal
in the pocket!

 And then I found a monstrous ~2 inch (4.5cm) Axinite blade
floating in the pocket clay!!!!

The 4.5cm Axinite crystal,
pictured above, after
recovery and cleaning-

 Scott scores a nice one!
 After spending almost 5 hours working the Axinite zone into oblivion, it was back to driving, hiking and looking, with no other finds for the day, but it was
an excuse to see some beautiful areas.  
It sure was a AWESOME day!

A little that lead to a lot!

Here are some of the best Axinite crystals from the pocket, ranging up to almost 2 inches (4.5cm) across!  The 1 inch (2.5cm) specimen at the center, just below the largest blade,
is the initial discovery crystal!


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