Denver Spring Show and Dreamtime Mine Dig, 24-30 Apr, 2009-
Goethite Bonanza!

Teller County, Colorado

This year, I once again traveled to Denver, Colorado, for the bi-annual Holiday Inn show.  Afterwards, I drove over to the Lake George area to visit my friends Quentin and Anita, owners of the Dreamtime mine.  Quintin and I mined for 4 days and found an array of superb quality crystallized Goethites, with amazing associations of Onegite, Amazonite, Fluorite and
Smoky Quartz.  

My friend Eric Hedricks holds the award he just received from Rock & Gem magazine, for the pendant that he made, and is wearing. Congratulations Eric!!!
Well, I seemed to have had so much fun at the show that I forgot to take any pix of the room when I actually
had some minerals out...

On tear-down night of the show, a scenic snow came in and it dumped.  Without using a tripod, I shot this
3-second exposure of the
down burst with great effect-
Mollie G hangin' in the snow!

My friend Maria talks about her adventures in Thailand and India!

27 Apr- The next day, I drove a few hours over to see my good friends Quentin and Anita near Lake George.  We then drove up to the Dreamtime mine and started mining!
Diggin' in!!!

Here we go, in quest of
cool pegmatite pockets!
Time to jump in and see if
we found anything-

Graphic granite is a good indicator that pegmatites may be near-
A piece of a purple Fluorite crystal,
a better indicator yet!

And then, we uncover a
pegmatite dike!
Red clay begins to show!

And BOOM!  Big plates of superb Goethite crystals begin to come out!
A good patch of red clay, filled with feldspar and Goethite crystals!

A nice, lightly-colored Amazonite Feldspar plate shows in the pocket-
It is surrounded by loose clusters
of Goethite blades-

And here it is, a beautiful Amazonite cluster!

More Amazonite crystals and Goethite sprays show in the pocket-

A nice Amazonite crystal!

And then Quentin scores a KILLER!  How about an Amazonite-Goethite Combo plate!  These are amazingly rare, and what a beauty!

28 Apr- Another day, and another very cool Goethite/Feldspar pocket!  How many Goethite crystal sprays can YOU find in these pictures!?
This pocket produced over 50 great specimens of Goethite, 2 with attached Feldspar crystals, and some showing nice Onegites!

These pieces will clean up to be very beautiful specimens!  It only takes a few days to soak the pocket mud off the Goethites
and then they will be very lustrous and showy!

Superlatives cannot accurately describe how I felt when I found this piece!  I call it the
"Onegite Sun".  The largest amethystine/citrine colored Onegite
on the specimen is a hair under 2.5cm(!) long, 1.5cm wide, and double-terminated, floating in crystals of Goethite!  The full radial spray of Goethite crystals on top formed around a Calcite crystal that has since been dissolved away by nature, leaving the unusual crystal-shaped cast hole at the center-
Onegite is a popular variety of Goethite-included Quartz
famous from the Pike's Peak Batholith area,
name after the original discovery point
at Lake Onega, Russia

More beautiful Goethites, fresh out of the pocket!

29 Apr- And the best is yet to come!

Wow!!! What a RARE Sight, indeed!  Today, we opened up an AMAZING pocket containing large (up to 10cm!) Fluorite cubes, and re-healed crystal sections, partially overgrown with superb-quality Goethite sprays!  
But that wasn't all!  Top-quality Onegite-Goethite cabinet plates and superb
Goethite/Smoky Quartz associations intermingled with other specimens of beautiful Feldspar crystal plates to 20 cm across!

A 7cm Fluorite cube can be seen here, partially coated with Goethite crystals.  Smoky Quartz and Feldspar crystals can also be seen-

The large, triangular shaped pocket measured
about 50x35x25cm (~20x14x10 inches)

After removing a very large (20cm plate) of Feldspar crystals, I found an amazing specimen consisting of a radial Goethite crystal spray growing off of the termination of a tabular, double-terminated smoky quartz crystal!  Here's a pic of the piece still in the pocket, located near the center of the view, being protected under the
large Feldspar crystal plate
And the amazing piece
after recovery!

Another KILLER Goethite-Smoky Quartz specimen in the pocket,
ready to be extracted-

One minute it was there and bountiful, and then the next moment... it was gone...  The pegmatites vanished as quickly as they appeared, and it was over...  Now it's time to fill in and reclaim the hole-
The only thing left from this once amazing pegmatite swarm are the specimens, photos and fond memories.

We played around on the walls a bit more, looking for signs of pegmatite, but nothing else showed to the end-
All gone, bye-bye!

Right about the time we moved to a new spot, to work more in a previously existing mine pit, Quentin's girlfriend Anita came by the mine to visit and collect-

Right away she opened a pocket!

It produced some nice Feldspars, but not much else.  It goes to show that not every pocket produces great specimens, but they are still fun to dig!

Quentin was so happy,
he positively glowed!

In another part of the pit, we exposed another interesting looking pegmatite dike-

Pink Orthoclase Feldspars encased blocks of massive Smoky Quartz
in this well-defined pegmatite dike-

A few nice Fluorites and some Feldspar plates were found before it, too, pinched out-

Long Shadows

30 Apr- The next day, Quentin gave me a tour of a monster pocket he found last year that measured almost 30-feet long!
It was an adventure just climbing inside
the enormous mouth of this pocket!

This giant cavern produced killer interpenetration-twinned Fluorite cubes to 5cm and very large plates of Quartz and Smoky Quartz crystals-

After the pocket tour, we went back to mining.  This time, we found some very nice, GEM clear, Smoky Quartz crystals to 15cm (6 inches) long.
Quentin generously gave this cool doubly-terminated specimen
to me!  Thanks Q!

Then, it came time to reclaim this old pit, too.  Quentin was smart and had previously stockpiled his topsoil. When it came time to fill it all in, he then put the topsoil back on top, so
re-vegetation occurs fastest!
Quentin's other old, reclaimed/graded mine pits have turned completely invisible with regrowth and duff coverage in just a few years. In fact new plants thrive in the
freshly tilled soil!

Time to do the deed,
my 1100 mile driving day home!  Here's a nice pic of
Glenwood Canyon, Colorado-
Off into the sunset I go!

I will have beautiful, freshly-mined Goethite specimens for sale soon on my web site!

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