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Welcome to my Carlin Trend Page!  The Carlin Trend is Nevada's largest Gold deposit, so far producing more than 50 MILLION OUNCES!
 This is more Gold than all of California ever produced, all from a relatively small, ~10 x 30 mile area.  It is currently estimated that an additional 200 million ounces+ of Gold remain to be recovered from this extensive deposit.  The largest and most active open pit mines on the Trend are the Goldstrike Pit (600,000 tons/day) and Gold Quarry Pit (200,000 tons/day).  There are also the Carlin and Rain pits, as well.  From these mines, over 300 mineral species have been described, including at least 6 Type species.  This is right in line with other famous localities, such as Mont St. Hilair and Bisbee.  We are very fortunate indeed to be able to build our collections during the time that the Carlin Trend mines are producing specimens.  There are also several famous underground mines on the Trend, including the Meikle and Deep Post mines.  On this page, I will list many beautiful and unusual specimens
from these mines.  Enjoy!      SCOTT

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Whitlockite with Variscite and Carbonate-Fluorapatite, $80  *NEW*

A choice and colorful, 5.4 x 4.0 x 2.4cm miniature showing a 3 x 2cm vug lined with lots of lustrous, medium olive-green Variscite crystal balls to 3mm with an excellent 8mm cluster of yellow Whitlockite rhombs to 2mm. Also present are white Carbonate-Fluorapatite needles to 2mm.  A rare example of this fine, secondary crystallization from the Carlin Trend's largest mine,
the Goldstrike pit!  Order Here

Superb Crystallized Hewettite Min,
Gold Quarry Pit, $125  
An exceptional 5.4 x 2.7 x 1.2cm miniature specimen showing a lenticular vug lined with freestanding, dark-red-brown, lustrous sprays of hewettite to 3mm.  GQ is a world-class locality for this rare Vanadate species!  This 3-D piece looks WAY better
in person!    Order Here

Crystallized Variscite Min,
Goldstrike Pit, $150   
A 5.0 x 4.0 x 2.5cm miniature specimen showing myriads of fine, apple green, gemmy, mirror lustrous balls of variscite crystals averaging 0.5 to 1mm wide.  The matrix is classic jasperoid ore, with white crandallite underneath the variscite.  This specimen was collected about 10 years ago.  A rare and desirable specimen from the Carlin Trend's largest open pit mine!  
Order Here

Crystallized Wavellite Cab, Gold Quarry Pit, $150   *NEW*
A 10.5 x 8.0 x 4.0cm cabinet specimen of nicely crystallized, light green wavellite rosettes to 0.6cm on classic jasperoid ore.  There are also small opal balls on the matrix.  The high contrast of this specimen made it a bit difficult to properly photograph and the piece certainly looks better in person.  These are difficult to acquire from the Carlin Trend, especially such a nice cabinet specimen!  This piece was collected about 9 years ago.     Order Here


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